About Us

Here at Screaming Chimp HQ, we think it is important to supply the best product possible, so we only use the best produce for the job. Mrs Chimp and I make small batches from our kitchen at home, which brings us immense joy.

I have always had a passion for cooking, so when an old friend kindly gave me some of his chilli seedlings, which grew big and produced lots of chillies, I knew what I had to do. Using home grown chillies and as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, I set about developing my sauces into the mouth tingling range we have today.

The only problem was what to call them. That serendipitous moment came along when visiting friends (you know who you are) and teaching their children how to blow on a blade of grass between two thumbs to make that strange noise we all know …..“That sounds like a screaming chimp”..…. “SCREAMING CHIMP!! That’s an awesome name. Perfect…that’s what I’m calling the sauces”. So, now we couldn’t be happier making our troop of artisan Screaming Chimp Chilli Sauces .“Scream if you want to go hotter!”