Howler 250 ml (e)

This bottle is two and a half times the size of the 100 ml bottle.
Howler is made with fresh Carolina Reaper, Yellow primo, Yellow Moruga, Red Scorpion, Armageddon, Naga. Viper, Yellow Habanero, Aji Lemon (Lemon Drop) and Chipotle (Chip- Oat Ley) Chillies.

Howler is Vegan friendly, naturally Gluten Free and Free From Any Artificial Flavours, Colours or


Howler goes with meats or beets and has lots of heat. Also great with cheeses and in soups sauces and gravies.

Use as a marinade or just pour on top your food, the choice is yours. Just “Keep on Chimpin’ “


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