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100 ml (e) heat4 This is a vegan friendly and gluten free sauce, made with UK grown Naga, Reaper, Moruga and Habaneros, it is hot and sweet with a citrus twang. Works great with BBQs, Cheeses, white fish, steak, burgers, stir frys, or simply on pizza, also great with lots of vegetarian or vegan dishes. Delicious with all meats, stir frys, vegetarian and vegan dishes, added into soups, sauces and gravies, or just enjoyed as a pour on or dipping sauce. While this is a vegan sauce, (no animal products used at all) it’s Delicious on all the meat you can eat or fish you can dish. So do yourself a favour, buy yourself this flavour and scream if you wanna go hotter!! Confusing? Well, it’s also Delicious on all the beets you can eat, or mash you can smash, you do yourself a favour, buy yourself some flavour and Scream if you wanna go hotter!!


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3 reviews for Screamer

  1. Phil Herring

    I have tried dozens of hot sauces over the years. This Stinger sauce is without a doubt one of the very best. Fresh and SPICY, delicious.

  2. James Duffin

    Love it!! It’s tasty with a great kick, My favourite Chilli sauce by far, Leaves a lovely glow for a while after tasting, This is great with anything!! Bought from Scarborough food market and will definitely be getting some more!! Good effort Guys:)

  3. ( Woody ) Shane Miller

    Really great sauces. Bought from farmyard This year been looking for it ever since I ran out can’t get better then this and thanks dudes who I spoke to on the stall.. brilliant without a doubt great taste ever for a chillie sauce.. love it keep it up..

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